Sleeving machine – Viko 

“The smooth sleever”

The Soil Elevator Viko machine is the latest sleeving machine in the Visser range.

A new innovative technology creates unprecedented reliability. The sleeving machine is suitable for sleeving and putting the sleeved pots into trays. The machine is equipped with 1 sleeving head and therefore very flexible with all kinds of shipping trays. It can fill up any configuration of tray.

Very flexible with all kinds of shipping trays.

Vikopack Sleeving machine

Why choose the Soil Elevator Viko machine?


Visser designed a special sleeve, which enables the sleever to use physics that will smooth the process. The sleeve has a specially designed hole, on which the sleeve is hanging on a pin.

The vacuum head approaches the bundle of sleeves and takes the front of the sleeve from the pin first. The head pulls

the sleeve around the opening mechanism of the sleever. The backside of the sleeve will remain on the pin and therefore the opening of the sleeve goes easily.

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