AutoStix® news update

With IPM 2020 coming up Visser is proud to introduce new developments in an already unique repertoire of transplanting technologies! AutoStix® is currently breaking through the market of transplanting with new innovations: new strips, trays and a brand new sticking technique!

Officially new to the concept: the Multimedia strip

To meet a rising demand for new AutoStix® developments in the field of cutting transplanting, Visser developed the Multimedia strip. Plugs in this new strip can be filled with any type of media, which is followed by the insertion of small holes and shipment to off-shore production locations. The strips are wettened and cuttings or seeds can be planted into the new strip.

The existing range of AutoStix® strips comprises strips with a 34 count or 51 count. Cuttings of different varieties and sizes are manually stuck into a strip. Once a cutting is planted, it starts to root. The new concept of Multimedia ensures that cuttings start rooting while they are inside the cell of the AutoStix® strip. This means they can be planted in the finish container directly from the machine! This new strip is produced with 34 cells and a fitting tray, and a newly designed strip with 26 cells is coming up soon for cuttings which need more rooting space!

Higher capacity machinery

The Visser development team is proud to present improved capacities for the AutoStix™ 6GP. An added lane ensures that operations are kept running, thus guaranteeing non-stop supply of pots for the strip planter. Moreover, a 12-gripper machine is coming up soon with even larger capacities!

Multi color sticking

New to the AutoStix® concept is the idea of multi color sticking for cuttings. Previous transplanting technologies have been unable to detect the right color of each cutting which is transplanted. Visser’s new gripper technology allows you to have the right information about the position of each color type, as soon as it has been transplanted! The technology provides growers with an enormous amount of flexibility.

New solutions presented at IPM!

Visser’s new additions to the AutoStix® concept will – as well as many other innovations in Visser’s transplanting techniques – be presented at booth 3D30 during IPM 2020 in Essen, Germany. Visser’s newest gripper technologies are also ready for display!