Pot Filler Mayer TM 2400E (single)

“High performance potting machine”

The potting machine Mayer TM 2400E is distinguished just as much by the broad range of pot sizes that can be used as by its peak speeds of up to 4,000 pots per hour. Simply by changing over this multipurpose machine can double its output in the twinkling of an eye.

Again with the new potting machine Mayer TM 2400E innovative technology is coupled with ergonomic handling. The electronic frequency controls for the turntable and elevator ensure precise output control and are easy to operate via the control panel within the working area. Greater efficiency is also ensured by the new construction of the soil hopper, which prevents tunnel formation when conveying substrate and makes manual intervention unnecessary.

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A very flexible, multipurpose machine.

Why choose the Mayer TM 2400E?

Up to 4000 pots/hour
Extremely flexible
Easy changeover to different pot sizes
Mayer TM 2400 E

Perfect combination with PC-11 transplanter
Planting up to 6,000 plants per hour without damaging the plants or roots, it is possible with the Visser transplanting machine PC-11.


Why choose the Mayer TM 2400E?

Up to 7000 pots/hour
Extremely flexible
Easy changeover to different pot sizes
Technical specifications
Pot size 8 to 27 cm Ø (depending on type of pot)
Output up to 4,000 pots/h
Soil hopper 1,500 litres
Extended 2,200 litres / 3,000 litres / 4,500 litres
Transport dimensions 4.10 x 1.90 x 1.95 m
Weight 1,500 kg
Accessoires Rotating brush, additional module for fast changeover to double pot holders (double drilling system, 2nd magazine, pot support ring), fertilizer dispenser, pot dispenser with storage belt, soil hopper chute, trailer coupling, stainless steel shovels, special tyres, drill motor reinforcement, additional frequency converters