Quick Filler

“The new generation of fillers”

Filling is a very important step during the complete growing process. A good and uniform filled tray is crucial to grow the crops. The Quick Filler is the solution; uniform filling, easily adjustable and high capacity.

Why choose the Quick Filler?

High capacity
Uniform filling

A soil recycling system!

The soil hopper is supplying the soil to the elevator by means of a conveyor which is adjustable in speed. The elevator brings the soil up to the filling head. Inside the filling head a rotor with rubber flaps is pushing the soil into the tray. This component of the machine is the heart of the effectivity: it creates a remarkable uniformity for trays and pots in trays.

By changing the speed of the rotor and the height of the filling head the soil density can be adjusted. An optional soil recycling system is mounted at the end of the filler to collect the access soil and to bring it back to the soil hopper for reuse.

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