Twin Filler

“High capacity filling”

The Twin filler is a machine for filling trays, flats and larger pots. The Twin Filler provides high capacity filling by means of a double rotor for an excellent high capacity filling result.

The speed of the rotors and belt is adjustable by a frequency controller. After filling the trays are brushed, for a clean and uniform result. The waste material will be reused via the soilelevator, through which the Twin filler produces a minimum of excess soil.

A soil recycling system!


Why Choose the Twin Filler?

High Capacity of 500-1000 trays per hour
Adjustable for different tray dimensions
Soil recycling system

The hopper has a content of 1000 liter. Suitable for trays with maximum dimensions L x W x H = 600 x 400 x 200 mm. The maximum capacity is approximately 500-100 trays per hour, depending on tray size and density of filling.

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