“Fully automatic – Watering”

The VWS (Visser World Standard) is a fully automatic system with a fixed watering boom per bay in your greenhouse. It is known for its proven horizontal hose guiding system. The system is specifically suitable for misting or watering a single house. This gantry will run on either one or two pipes at your choice. This is the main difference between VWS I and II. The boom generally drives over two pipes in the bay in case of a high bay width, or when stability during irrigation is highly required.

Supply of power and water is taken care of by the automatic system. Due to the presence of a fixed watering boom per greenhouse it is possible to obtain high capacities.

The VWS I and II have been developed by Visser to make the simultaneous watering of plants and see  ds in different greenhouses possible. As a result of this increased capacity Visser’s proven system is very well applicable to seeds and plants which require regular watering.


Suitable for misting or watering a single house.