New Visser machines for AutoStix®

Visser Horti Systems will continue to improve the open source character of AutoStix®. The open source system for strips and machine is currently expanded with a variety of machines, allowing an increasing number of growers to work with AutoStix®! Visser is proud to announce the introduction of two new machines next to the existing machine with 6 grippers: the 3-gripper machine and the 6-gripper machine in combination with a pot filler!


AutoStix®: Open to growers all over the world

Based on the popularity of AutoStix® as the open source system for automatic cutting transplanting, the Visser team initiated the developments for AutoStix®. The new machines have sizes ranging from 4.8 to 6.0 meters.

Depending on how many plants can fit in one pot, this means growers all over the world will be able to stick even more cuttings with AutoStix®.

Additional developments concerning AutoStix® will follow in 2019. Visser is currently working on another new machine with 3 grippers which can be connected to a pot filler directly!

Watch our video of the AutoStix™ 3GT

Watch our video of the AutoStix™ 6GP (Multi Media Strip)

Watch our video of the AutoStix™ 6GP (Bare-root cuttings)