Visser Horti Systems takes the next technological step in transplanting; 48 wireless grippers which provide unprecedented speed and a user
In the world of young plant production, fragile young plants have to be handled with care. The processing of different
Visser & Mayer
After many years of partnership and a large number of jointly implemented automation projects around the globe, Mayer and Visser
Grown with WaterWick is a new, unique growing method which can be integrated into any greenhouse structure by applying the
With IPM 2020 coming up Visser is proud to introduce new developments in an already unique repertoire of transplanting technologies!
Whilst we are already looking forward to presenting our range of innovative machinery at IPM, we are happy to look
Visser’s automation solutions are accessible to growers with any type of starting material. Our range of machinery for filling, seeding,
We would like to welcome you to present our latest innovations at IPM 2020! Visit our stands 3D30 and 3D32!
Fully automatic irrigation systems have been one of our specializations throughout the history of Visser.