Tray delivery system

“Simplifying the complexity”

Shipping your product is the final step before it reaches the customer. Inaccuracies with order picking, labour costs, and getting orders out the door ontime are only a few of the challenges growers face day to day. Visser has the experience and knowhow to design a shipping system catered to each growers needs.

Tracking & Tracing your product:
Barcodes, QR codes, or a virtual label. Visser is capable or sorting products using several methods to sort your products and get the orders right.

Speed & Accuracy:
500-5000 trays or boxes per hour Visser can design and build a system that can get the sorting and shipping done on time and keep orders accurate.

Service and support
Visser designs, engineers and builds everything in-house. When issues come up our own technicians and programmers can solve it quicky to get you back up and running.

A Visser Shipping System is the answer to your shipping challenges. Please contact our sales team to discuss your needs.

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Simplifying the complexity!

Tray Delivery System
Tray Delivery System

Why choose the Visser Tray Shipping System?

Complete solution from (un)loading, watering, scanning, labelling, sorting, palletising & rack loading.

Sorting by variety, color, height, etc.

In-house programming allows for customised software for each system.

Complex shipping situations made simple.

Simplifying the complexity!