Manual transplanting line

“Sticking line for cuttings”

Roig in Barcelona is one of our satisfied customers of our sticking line for cuttings. Roig uses paper pot tray size 104 and 72. After the pots are produced, they are stored in a warehouse. For planting the cuttings, the trays are manually placed on a conveyor belt, after which they will be moisturized so they will be solid when they are being dibbled.

There is room for 6 people at both sides of the sticking line, the supply of the trays is an ongoing process so that the maximum plant capacity can be achieved. After planting, the employee sticks a label with a QR-code in the tray. This label shows specific information such as: plant type, date, employee etc. This label provides management information and is available at any time. It also provides information about daily production numbers.

Why Choose the manual transplanting line?

Ergonomic design
Easy to operate
Daily production information by QR-labels

All trays can be provided with tracking & tracing data by QR code.

When the tray is finished, the tray is placed on the top belt and is dispatched. After this, the tray is automatically scanned and all information from the QR-code is saved. After scanning, the tray passes a watering unit and it is placed on a trolley so it can be transported to the greenhouse.