Space-O-Mat System

Potting and transport system

Space-O-Mat Vitoy Truck

Vitoy forklift truck

Spacing Fork

Fast and efficient spacing of pots

Transport forks

Efficient transport of pots

Tray fork

Efficient transport of trays

Pot handling systems

“Efficient logistics”

Logistics carried out as efficiently as possible and optimum utilization of space available in your nursery are of paramount importance in pot handling operations. At Visser, thinking in these terms has become a second nature, always applied to the situation of your specific operations. Our spacing forks are specially designed for spacing pots in your greenhouse with a ViToy forklift. For some 20 years now, the continuously innovating Visser Space-O-Mat system has become a common concept in potplant nurseries but also increasingly in tree nurseries with container cultivation ranging from small to large scale. The system is suitable for both concrete and container floors (root barrier and gravel), both indoors and outdoors, and can be extended to any capacity due to its modular set-up. Visser’s patented pot spacing system including forklift and fork is flexible and designed for all pot sizes. The comprehensive product line for pot and container handling includes: pot transport forks and spacing legs, electric and diesel forklift trucks, set-down and transfer robots, collecting stations, grading and buffer systems, trailer and table loading systems, conveyor belts, trailers and aluminum cultivation table systems.