Space-O-Mat Spacing Fork

“Fast & efficient spacing”

The Space-O-Mat forklift with the spacing forks are used for spacing the pots a high density to lower density. For spacing, the pots are placed in a staggered pattern in the fork (See image).

When spacing, the chains of the fork will run forward while driving backwards with the Space-O-Mat forklift. The requested distance between the pots will be set at the Space-O-Mat control box, which will be mounted on the Space-O-Mat forklift. With this parameter the speed of the chain is adjusted to the speed of the forklift, independent of the speed of the forklift. Now the rows of pots are extracted from one another and the requested spacing between the pots in being created.

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Why choose the Space-O-Mat Spacing Fork?


For fast and efficient spacing of pots.

Now compatible with all fork lift trucks!