Space-O-Mat System

“Fast and efficient pot handling”

Visser developed a very efficient system for potting and transport of pots and trays, which has internationally proven itself over the years. The Space-O-Mat system mainly reduces labor and costs, by creating a possibility to space the pots in the greenhouse with our patented spacing fork. The Space-O-Mat system is designed however to automate the entire potting and transportation process.

The Space-O-Mat line starts with filling the pots automatically. After this the pots will be transported by an output conveyor towards the buffer belt, where the pots will be collected and picked up with a truck and a fork. To be able to pick up the pots with a fork, the pots have to be positioned very precise. Visser uses a custom made push over template to acquire this precision. Because of the very precise positioning of the pots, the truck driver won’t have any problems picking up the pots / trays with a fork.

Designed to automate the full potting and transportation process.


Why choose the Space-O-Mat System?

Proven worldwide
Easy programming new planting combinations

The truck driver will bring the pots to the greenhouse, where the pots can be placed. Later the pots can be spaced with a spacing fork. When the plants are ready to be delivered, the fork can pick up the plants and transports them to the shipping area. With this system the grower needs just one person for handling the system and one person for driving the truck.

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