Growing, waxing & packing of young trees

Producing young trees requires special filling when working with loose soil, since the trees are being produced in deep trays for optimal rooting. Visser developed special fillers for deep plugs. Visser supplies everything required for the automation of the production: filling, seeding, grading, waxing and packing equipment. Visser also delivers a patented waxing system, to protect young trees from insects which destroy the trees when they are still in their early growth. Our machinery is available across Europe and overseas in other continents.

Delivery program for reforestation machinery:

✓ Disinfection of trays
✓ Tray filling equipment
✓ Seeding machinery
✓ Irrigation
✓ Automated transplanting
✓ Internal transport
✓ Camera grading
✓ Waxing
✓ Packing