Auto Seeder Granette

“Proven technolgy”

The Auto Seeder Granette is a complete programmable needle seeder mounted on a conveyor belt. By using the programmable TEX computer several settings can be made and stored in the memory.

With the optional Pro-Kit even more settings can be stored
in the memory such as:

– Vacuum of the nozzles
– Vibration of the seeding bar
– Vibration of the seed hopper

With the unique nozzle design the accuracy of the Auto Seeder Granette is the highest on the market. The unique nozzle design features a self cleaning mechanism that cleans out the nozzle tip after every seeding cycle. This avoid blockage and therefore reduces the number of seeding errors.

Highest accuracy in the market!

Granette 2000

Why choose the Auto Seeder Granette?

Self cleaning mechanism

A number of different nozzle sizes are available for most seed types that are being used  around the world. With this wide range of nozzle sizes, small, large, coated, naked, round and odd shaped seeds can be sown. The design of the machine makes it possible to change the tray size within minutes. The modular design of the Auto Seeder Granette allows it to create a  complete seeding line with other modular components such as a tray destacker, tray filler, watering tunnel, covering unit and / or a tray stacking unit.

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