Auto Seeder Roulette

“Seeding in one touch!”

Visser wants to be the most innovative provider of smart solutions for excellent horticultural production. Our newest seeder is the latest step in improving your production.

This next step in seeding is ‘menu controlled seeding’. Visser Horti Systems designed a new drum seeder which gives the grower the opportunity to pre-program the settings for their specific seed and or tray size.

The drum seeder, type Roulette SSL is a fully automatic drum seeder with a high capacity of approximately 800-1,000 trays per hour. All settings, per tray or seed type, are stored in the computer. Including the amount of vacuum needed

The next step in seeding, is menu controlled seeding.


Why choose the Auto Seeder Roulette?

High precision with difficult seeds
Easy change over to different kind of trays and seeds
Get your seeding program in one touch

in the seeding drum, all settings are constantly monitored and controlled for optimum seeding results. By using the touch screen display all settings can be
programmed and saved by the operator. You can get back to your latest settings in just one touch. The number of programs that can be saved in the computer is unlimited by using an USB stick.

Multi facetted
With a special drum that can be provided in this machine, even the most difficult seeds, such as Marigold (Tagettes), can be sown at a high accuracy of 99%.

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Auto Seeder Roulette LSL
To handle the demand for higher seeding capacities, Visser
has developed the Roulette LSL.

This fully automatic drum seeder is the big brother of our
well-known Roulette XL but has the ability to transport trays
long side leading and will therefore have a much higher
capacity, up to 1500 trays/hour.

The Roulette XL-wide has the same features as the regular
Roulette XL, like menu-structured variety specific settings
memory, servo driven dibbling drum, frequency controlled
vacuum pump, independently adjustable “blow bars” to
eliminate doubles and a seeding comb.

The Roulette XL-wide is equipped with a Siemens touchscreen
display for optimal user friendliness.