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Watering and covering lines

“Watering tunnel & Vermiculite dispenser”

Visser Horti Systems supplies various watering tunnels and covering systems. Available as standalone or as integrated part of our complete seeding lines. The stainless steel design makes the machines steady for many environment factors and that guarantees a longer lifetime.

Visser supplies watering tunnels for overhead watering and sub-irrigation. Covering systems are applicable for dispensing vermiculite, sand, soil and other fine covering material. As modules, the watering and covering dispensers are available in the different configurations:

Uniform watering and covering!”

Pic-O-Mat Greenline


Stainless steel design for long lifetime.
Easy to clean.
Easy changeover to different tray sizes.
Easy programming new planting combinations

WT (watering tunnel for overhead watering)
VT (vermiculite tunnel)
WT – VT (watering tunnel – vermiculite tunnel)
VT – WT (Vermiculite tunnel – watering tunnel)
WT – VT – WT (watering tunnel – vermiculite tunnel – watering tunnel)
Sub-irrigation water tunnel
VT – Sub irrigation water tunnel

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