Block-O-Matic B-600

“The new soil blocking”

Visser introduces the Block-O-Matic B-600, a completely new soil blocker of a very experienced soil blocking machine manufacturer. The new soil blocker is a very effective, efficient and high quality machine. The soil blocking results of the VM1660 are of a quality level matching the progress in all horticultural techniques and products. The block provides a differentiating quality and the machine offers you more options than ever before. The newest Visser soil blocker has a capacity of 550-600 boxes per hour.

The best soil block in the market

Why the Block-O-Matic B-600?
The new soil blocker provides you with a new soil elevator and mixing technique which makes the soil block
1. More compact
2. Free from soil cracks in the bottom

Another feature of the Block-O-Matic B-600 is the laser welded pressing die applied for producing the soil blocks. Due to the laser weld there are no fusions in the die (as occurs with traditional welding), which provides you with a perfectly straight soil block. This new technology, combined with the new mixing technology provides you with a unique uniform result. The Block-O-Matic B-600 offers the flexibility you expect from Visser: all different block sizes can be produces by easily changing the die.

Why the Block-O-Matic B-600?

Up to 600 boxes per hour
Innovative soil mixing technique
Compact, perfectly straight block