Visser introduces: Grown with WaterWick

For revolutionary growing results you can now add Waterwick to your existing cultivation cycle. First user ‘Karma Plants’ from Bemmel in the Netherlands, increased their cultivation speed up to 15%, saved on their ebb and flow watering system and is now producing more sustainable than ever! Glenn Langelaan, operations manager with Karma Plants explains: “Grown with WaterWick has proven three important improvements: uniformity of the plants, sustainability of the product and efficient water intake due to the WaterWick.”

The next big step in sustainable growing!

Grown with WaterWick is a new, unique growing method which can be integrated into any greenhouse structure by applying the WaterWick cord prior to the growing process.

The Ebb & Flow method is key to Grown with WaterWick. Existing tables and concrete floors with an ebb and flow irrigation system can be used substantially more effective with WaterWick. The WaterWick Ebb & Flow Pot ensures that you can water your plants in the greenhouse with breakthrough technology. Thanks to the special pot design, water stays inside the pot when the water level of tables and floors rises and drops. The Wick draws water from the reservoir in the pot and provides the plant with continuous access to water. Therefore, the plant has no water stress at all.

Uniform, high quality plants

In addition, WaterWick creates the perfect microclimate inside the pot for optimal root temperature and optimal growth. This results in uniform, high quality plants. The plant is always in its happy zone!

Grown with WaterWick ensures efficient and uniform, speedy growing and extends shelf life in-store. Your retailer can now order an unparalleled sustainable product. This new growing method can be completely automated with Visser equipment. A new service available is ‘wicked pots’: you can now order your existing pots pre-wicked, which saves you the investment of the complete machine line. When using biodegradable pots you have an added advantage, since the Ebb & Flow Pot is your gateway to automation.


–              Reduces water, nutrients, chemicals and energy use due to shorter cultivation cycle

–              Uniform, high quality plants

–              Cultivation speed increases up to 15%

–              Next step to peat free production

–              Easy integration in any greenhouse

–              Enhanced micro climate in pot

–              Automation possible for biodegradable pot

–              Plant has no water stress

Launch at IPM Essen

For more information about Grown with WaterWick and advantages for your retailer check Grown with WaterWick will be launched at IPM at the Visser booth 3D30 & 3D32.